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Submission Preparation


What makes a good abstract?
What is a respondent?
What if I am a scholar/professional outside of Jewish Studies?
Can my institution sponsor a session?
How will my proposal be evaluated?
Can I use A/V and media in my session?
How can I be sure that AJS has received my proposal?
When will I find out if my proposal has been accepted?
What is the role of a chair?
What is a Division Chair?
What is the Program Committee?
What should I expect to bring with me to my presentation?
What is the role of a roundtable moderator?
What is the Secondary Division Option?
Can an undergraduate student participate in the AJS Conference?
What if I want to submit a Digital Humanities paper or panel?
Can I submit as part of more than one submission?
What is a Division?
What kinds of conference sessions are available during AJS 2020?
Why does the AJS request that Traditional Panels be limited to 3 participants and a chair (or 3 participants, a chair, and a respondent)?
What prompted the AJS to ask members whose individual paper submissions were accepted in 2019 to join a panel in 2020?
Does the new policy limiting single paper submissions to those who did not submit an individual paper proposal last year also apply to anyone who has ever submitted an individual paper proposal in the past?
How should I go about creating a panel or finding a panel I could join?
Who should I speak with if I have feedback on any of these changes or other aspects of the program?