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The How and Why of Podcasting

I’ve been podcasting since 2008. In that time, the number of podcasts has gone up exponentially—and the largest single iTunes category of podcasts is "Christianity." Those of us who teach about Jews and Judaism will never catch up with them—but podcasting is now a major communications medium. Should you be podcasting?

I’ll discuss my own experience as a podcaster, present some questions to think about as you decide whether or not to join me, and give you some basic tips on how to get started.

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Michael-CarasikMichael Carasik teaches Biblical Hebrew at the University of Pennsylvania. He has a bachelor’s degree from New College (Sarasota, Fla.), bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Jewish studies from Spertus College in Chicago, and a Ph.D. in Bible and the ancient Near East from Brandeis University. He is the author of Theologies of the Mind in Biblical Israel (Peter Lang), a description of the Israelite understanding of psychology as revealed in the Bible, and The Bible's Many Voices (Jewish Publication Society / University of Nebraska Press), a layman’s guide to the Bible as its human authors intended it.

He is also the creator, editor, and translator of The Commentators' Bible (Jewish Publication Society / University of Nebraska Press), an English-language equivalent of the traditional Hebrew commentaries that have been used for centuries. The Genesis volume, completing the five volumes of the Pentateuch, is currently in the hands of the publishers. The series is also available electronically on the Accordance and Logos platforms.

His weekly Torah Talk podcast has been running since 2008.