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Fractured Paradigms: Rethinking the Study of American Jew

Location: Philadelphia, PA 
Date(s) of Event: 7/17/2018 - 7/19/2018
Deadline for Submission: 11/1/2017


2018 Biennial Scholars’ Conference on American Jewish History
National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA, June 17-19, 2018
The Academic Council of the American Jewish Historical Society, in conjunction with the American Jewish Archives, American Jewish Historical Society, and the National Museum of American Jewish History, invites proposals via email to by November 1, 2017. Details at

The 2018 Biennial Scholars' Conference on American Jewish History offers an occasion to reflect on the state of our field. Which narratives, temporal frameworks, and spatial boundaries serve as its controlling paradigms? How and why have these paradigms experienced fracture, disruption, or revision? And, finally, which paradigms deserve to be abandoned? The Scholars Conference Committee will also gladly consider proposals exploring any aspect of American Jewish history. A limited number of subventions for conference travel and registration will be available after acceptance.

Submission instructions:
* Paper abstract (250 words)
* For panels or other organized sessions, short description (150 words), with individual abstracts attached for formal panels.
* Brief bio (120 words), including email address and phone number.
* Indication of technological needs.

Email proposals to by November 1, 2017.

For further information, please contact: