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Call for Papers: After Primo Levi: New Jewish-Italian Writing

Dear colleagues,
This is a call for papers for a session I am organizing at the AATI (American Association of Teachers of Italian) Annual Conference ( in Cagliari, Italy, scheduled for June, 2018. Thank you in advance for your proposals.
ORGANIZER: K.E. von Wittelsbach, Cornell University,
TITLE OF SESSION: After Primo Levi: New Jewish-Italian Writing
SHORT DESCRIPTION:                                                                    
The organizer welcomes proposals related to two groups of Jewish-Italian writers.
            The first are those authors who — like Marina Jarre, Edith Bruck and Angela Bianchini —  were Primo Levi's contemporaries, but whose work did not achieve the canonical status of Levi, Bassani or Morante, and remains virtually untranslated in English (Jarre), or has scarcely captured the attention of the North-American reading public and academia (Bruck and Bianchini).
            The second is a younger generation of writers, active in the last several decades: Alessandro Piperno, Elena Loewenthal, Helena Janeczek, Alain Elkann, and others. The work of these writers has been widely translated in Europe, but most have seen only a small selection of their work made available to North American readers.  Many have also been extraordinarily active as translators, critics, editors and cultural mediators. Some of the youngest among them, like the Turinese Simone Somekh, write about their Jewish Bildung in Italian while living in New York.
            This is an open session — all approaches are welcome, as are contributions by graduate students and independent scholars. Please send a 200-word abstract (English or Italian) and a brief bio by February 15, 2018 to
With best wishes, 
Kora von Wittelsbach