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[Call for Applications] Modern Jewish History And Culture in German/Slavic Contact Zones

Dresden 7-12.07 | Prague 13.07 | Wrocław 14-20.07

The history of Central and Eastern Europe is marked by multiple cultural contacts, transfers, and conflicts within and between linguistic milieus and traditions. Due to multilingualism, considerable spatial and social mobility, and transnational networks, many Jews and Jewish communities played a special role in processes of contact and communication. Yet the idea of a profound divide between East European and German Jewish culture still informs current academia and obscures the understanding of the dynamics in Jewish culture of East Central Europe and beyond. This dynamic finds its most paradigmatic expression in cultural and language contacts. Yiddish language and culture, for example, were influenced by Germanic and Slavonic languages and cultures on the one hand, but simultaneously influenced those languages and cultures on the other. These influences and interactions are the premise of our summer program.

Participants will examine these issues in depth during seminars and World Cafe discussions with outstanding scholars of Jewish history and culture. Our emphasis is on small groups and individual contact with experienced scholars working with primary source materials (all in English translation), and Yiddish immersion language courses. Participants are encouraged to present their current or planned projects.

The summer program is targeted at masters and doctoral students, but is also open to emerging scholars in the humanities and social sciences. It is a joint undertaking by the BKM-Assistant Professorship in Social and Economic Networks of Germans in Modern Eastern Europe at TU Dresden and the Taube Department of Jewish Studies at Wrocław University, and is financed by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. The entire program will be conducted in English.

Applications are to be submitted by 30 May to our program at

Decisions regarding acceptance and scholarships will be announced by 10 June 2019.