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[Publication CFP] Libraries, Archives, Museums: Western Cultural Heritage Institutions through the Ages

Libraries, archives, and museums (LAMs) are collaborating more than ever under the rubric of “cultural heritage institutions” and there is a growing need for professionals who are trained in managing these institutions and their collections. More and more schools of library and information science, archival studies, museum studies, and cultural heritage studies are offering courses in the history and theory of cultural heritage institutions, but there is no single work that covers the history of all three institutions. This work seeks to fill that gap.

It is envisioned as a broad overview of the topic. The central theme is the interaction between cultural heritage institutions and society; in particular, the ways in which society affects the structure, function, and purpose of cultural heritage institutions and how cultural heritage institutions reflect and reify the societies that create them. It is organized chronologically, beginning with the development of writing and alphabets and libraries and archives in the ancient world.

Contributors are sought for :

Chapter 5. The Islamic World

Chapter 7. The Renaissance (1300-1600)

Chapter 8. The Reformation (1517-1685)

Chapter 9. The Enlightenment (1685-1815)

Chapter 11. 19th Century Archives

Each chapter should be roughly 20 pages of text and include maps and images of historical figures, buildings, locations, and other relevant artifacts.

The anticipated deadline is March 2020 (this is currently under negotiation, due to recent personal circumstances beyond my control)

Further information available on request.