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[Call for Proposals] New Comparative Jewish Literature Series

New Series from Bloomsbury Academic

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Comparative Jewish Literatures creates a new venue for scholarship and debate both in Jewish Studies and Comparative Literature as it showcases the diversity of a nascent field with unique interdisciplinary footprints. It offers both a new way of looking at Jewish writing as well as insights into how Jewish literature is looked at by scholars indifferent to or sympathetic with these texts. Through its focus on the diversity of these groups’ perspectives, the series suggests that disciplinary location informs how comparative Jewish literatures are understood theoretically, and it establishes new sectors that abut and intersect with the field in the 21st century.

Series editor:
Kitty Millet, San Francisco State University, USA

Current volumes:
Kabbalah and Literature by Kitty Millet
Jewish Imaginaries of the Spanish Civil War: In Search of Poetic Justice edited by Cynthia Gabbay