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Call for Proposals to Co-Edit AJS Perspectives

Jun 4, 2018, 13:16 PM

AJS Perspectives, the leading forum for exploring methodological and pedagogical issues in Jewish Studies, invites proposals for new co-editors for a four-year term beginning July 2018. The new team will work with Managing Editor, Karin Kugel, and be responsible for the Spring 2019 issue.

Co-editing AJS Perspectives affords an opportunity to explore everything that makes Jewish Studies rich, innovative, and exciting. Each issue contains approximately a dozen essays organized around a specific theme, and a "forum" section which invites contributors to riff on the main theme in some way. Recent themes have included "The Anxiety Issue," "The Sound Issue," and "The Migration Issue." The themes provide a way to help define what Jewish Studies is (or can be) even as it brings together a diverse range of fields, time periods, approaches, topics, and scholars.

Recognizing the breadth and diversity of the AJS, we are soliciting proposals from our AJS membership rather than simply appoint new co-editors, as the custom had been. The shortened timeline is due to a vacancy that was both tragic and unexpected.

Perspectives relies on co-editor partners who together, with the members of the Perspectives editorial board, pursue diverse arenas of interest. In the aftermath of Jonathan Hess’s passing, we felt that it was appropriate to launch the Spring 2019 issue under new co-editors.

We seek an editorial team who is interested in fostering the traditions of AJS Perspectives while also bringing to it new and innovative ideas. Proposals from co-editors should include (a) a short statement of editorial policy, including a brief analysis of the strengths of this particular professional partnership, (b) a submission of two ideas for issue themes, along with a Forum topic/question, and (c) copies of your curriculum vitae.

Proposals are due via email by 17 June 2018 to Proposals should be Word or PDF files. You will receive a confirmation via email upon receipt of the full proposal. For further questions, please contact Laura Lieber, AJS Perspectives Co-editor, at or Robin Judd, Vice President of Publications, at