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Do I need to be an AJS member to submit a proposal?

While we require that all participants renew their AJS Individual Membership for September-December 2019 in order to submit a proposal for the AJS 51st Annual Conference, pre-payment of conference registration fees is no longer required. Log into MyAJS to renew your membership. You can still purchase conference registration when you submit your proposal for an early bird rate, but you can also receive this early bird rate up until August 31, 2019.

We require that all participants renew their AJS Individual Membership for September-December 2019 in order to submit a proposal.

AJS individual memberships for the current membership year will expire on August 31, 2019. In order to submit a session proposal for the 2019 conference, you must have an individual membership for the membership year beginning September 1, 2019, the membership year in which the conference will take place. If you are not sure whether you have already renewed for the September-December 2019 membership year, please contact Michelle Katz at the AJS at

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What is the AJS Cancellation and Refund policy?

Once a paper or session is submitted, it is expected that the author(s) will present their paper at the conference if the proposal is accepted. Participation in the conference is highly competitive, and a cancelled presentation eliminates a spot that could have accommodated another scholar. Scholars whose papers are accepted for the conference MUST pay their conference fees no later than August 31, 2019. Conference payments not made by this date will result in the participant’s name not appearing in the program book and may also result in the removal of that paper from the conference. All participants must be registered and have a badge to present and attend the conference.

Membership dues are not refundable even if your paper is not accepted.

After November 13, (September 13 for session participants), requests for cancellation and conference refunds will be considered on a case-by-case (emergency only) basis, and will most likely result in a credit toward the 2020 AJS Conference Registration Fee. All refunds will be charged a $20.00 processing fee ($10.00 for students), with the exception of refunds requested before this November 13 deadline by those whose papers were not accepted.

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Limited Membership Waiver for Participants Outside of Academia or Jewish Studies related Professional

The AJS will waive the membership fee requirement for a limited number of session participants who are not academics or individuals who would not otherwise become members of the AJS (e.g., journalists, authors, filmmakers, etc.), and whose participation is considered essential for the integrity of the session to which s/he was invited. Requests for a membership fee waiver must be submitted by the session organizer to the AJS by submitting a request form no later than April 29, 2019. In the the form, please explain the session that you are organizing, the role of the proposed participant, and why her/his role is important to the session. Membership dues waiver recipients are expected to register for the conference at the $170 rate or higher. Unfortunately, AJS cannot accommodate refunds for membership fees for any reason, including a request in lieu of this fee waiver.

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