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Update Your Session Listing*

*Changes may ONLY be made to (1) Institutional Affiliation, (2) Presentation Titles, and (3) Session Titles. This form may also be used to report participants withdrawing from a session.

How to Report a Change in Institutional Affiliation or Paper/Session TItle, or Withdraw from a Session

Please use this form to report a change in institutional affiliation or paper/session title, or to withdraw from the 2023 AJS Conference. Please use one form per session.

CHANGES TO A SESSION TITLE MUCH BE COMPLETED BY THE SESSION ORGANIZER. Changes to a paper title or a member's institutional affiliation can be done by the individual member. We are unable to make any scheduling changes or to add A/V to rooms at this time.

For membership, registration, or technical issue questions, please contact Melinda Man at
For questions about the conference, please email Mary Arnstein at