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A Note from Robin Judd, VP for Program

The program committee, staff, and executive board continue to wrestle with the impact COVID 19 will have on this year's conference. As you know, we hope to meet in person in December, but we recognize that even in the best case scenario, things may look a little different than usual. We continue to monitor governmental guidelines, university decisions about Fall 2020 classes, and the actions of other learned societies. The board and program committee will each be discussing the conference format over the next few weeks and again at their June meetings. We will update you in mid-June, after these meetings.

Planning any major event in the next several months requires flexibility, patience, and compassion. With this in mind, the program committee, staff, and board have started to brainstorm possible accommodations to support broad participation in the current environment. To that end, we will delay implementing the new policy concerning individual submissions until 2021 (we had asked that anyone who successfully submitted individual paper proposals in 2019 join a pre-formed session in 2020). Pre-formed panels still are more likely to be accepted, but we want to lift whatever obstacles we can.

In order to help us identify additional policy accommodations, we encourage you to share any medical concerns related to the COVID-19 situation or travel restrictions already in place that would prevent you from participating in person. Is there an accommodation that would help ensure the viability of your paper or panel presentation? By sharing this information with us now, we can better think through the optimal format of the December conference. You can share specific concerns by filling out this brief form; the sooner you share the information with us, the more time we have to address your specific COVID-19 concerns.

We look forward to reviewing your proposals by the April 30th deadline. By keeping this deadline in place, we will ensure that we have the necessary time for our division chairs and program committee to do its work. Submission acceptances and rejections will be emailed in August.

Robin Judd

Dr. Robin Judd
VP for Program