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Submission Preparation


What if I have additional questions?
What makes a good abstract?
What is a respondent?
What if I am a scholar/professional outside of Jewish Studies?
Can my institution sponsor a session?
How will my proposal be evaluated?
Can I use A/V and media in my session?
How can I be sure that AJS has received my proposal?
When will I find out if my proposal has been accepted?
What is the role of a chair?
What is a Division Chair?
What is the Program Committee?
What should I expect to bring with me to my presentation?
What is the role of a roundtable moderator?
What is the Secondary Division Option?
Can an undergraduate student participate in the AJS Conference?
What if I want to submit a Digital Humanities paper or panel?
Can I submit as part of more than one submission?
What is a Division?
Why does the AJS request that Panels be limited to 3 participants and a chair (or 3 participants, a chair, and a respondent)?
How should I go about creating a panel or finding a panel I could join?
Who should I speak with if I have feedback on any of these changes or other aspects of the program?