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AJS Perspectives

Call for Submissions

The AI Issue

Editors: Laura Limonic & Federica Schoeman
Art Editor: Douglas Rosenberg
Roundtable Editor: Jason Schulman
"Teaching with Film and Media" Editor: Olga Gershenson

Deadline for pitches November 15, 2023

AJS Perspectives invites scholars, artists, educators, and researchers from diverse disciplines to contribute to our upcoming issue devoted to Artificial Intelligence. We ask contributors for original, engaging pieces that investigate the multifaceted intersections between Jewish thought, AI, and the contemporary world. We seek innovative and thought-provoking contributions that delve into the rich tapestry of Jewish history and culture while shedding light on the profound implications of AI in a rapidly changing global landscape.

Some of the topics to be explored include but are not limited to: Intriguing parallels and connections between AI and Jewish concepts (such as the mythical Golem, for instance); AI and Jewish ethics; unique challenges and opportunities connected to AI’s applications (from language models to image generating practices or even AI-based recommendation systems and more); challenges and opportunities for academic research and teaching in the era of Artificial Intelligence; AI and its economic, political or military implications from a Jewish perspective; whether (and how) Jewish ideas and values can illuminate the discourse surrounding AI, including ethical considerations, creative expressions, and educational approaches; whether AI could impact Jewish identity now, in the future and even retrospectively.

Join us in fostering a deeper understanding of the intersections between Jewish Studies and the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Your insights and perspectives are invaluable as we embark on this intellectual journey together.

We are asking for pitches/abstracts of up to 250 words, accompanied by an introductory paragraph (i.e., a writing sample demonstrating the author’s ability to write in a clear and engaging way, for both academic and non-academic audiences).

Completed essays will be approximately 1,000 words.

Teaching with Film and Media Submissions

We invite 2–3 sentence pitches for the “Teaching with Film and Media” section, edited by Olga Gershenson. Final submissions will consist of a short essay about a film relevant to the theme of AI and a brief discussion of its pedagogical potential in Jewish Studies courses. Each essay will be 250-300 words (including director, year, country of production, and distributor) plus a representative image.

Roundtable Submissions

We invite submissions for the Roundtable format in AJS Perspectives. For this issue, we are particularly interested in pedagogy-focused roundtables. Roundtables feature a group of scholars exploring a topic in a conversational manner. Roundtables should consist of 3–5 participants. Submissions are welcome from complete roundtables, or from individual authors interested in joining a roundtable the editors will assemble.

Art Submissions

We invite artists to address the topic through relevant practices that may include, (but are not limited to) photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, performative documentation or other reproducible media.

Art submissions should be the highest quality digital representation in your particular medium. Please submit files with appropriate description and any additional information which may be helpful to the editors.

We aim to promote a diversity of voices including career stage, socio-economic situation, gender, religion, race, sexuality, and ability. As such, you are invited to include relevant aspects of whatever subjectivity or positionality may inform your writing.

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit via Google Form here.

Publication Timeline:
- Deadline for Submissions: November 15, 2023
- Editor Decisions: December 4, 2023
- Submissions Due – January 22, 2024
- Publication of AJS Perspectives Issue: Summer 2024

For inquiries and further information
please contact: Laura Limonic and Federica Schoeman
Co-Editors, AJS Perspectives