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From 2003 through 2011, Heidi Lerner, Hebraica/Judaica cataloguer at Stanford University Libraries, wrote "Perspectives on Technology" an AJS Perspectives column on technology-based resources related to teaching and research in Jewish Studies. The AJS is pleased to make available her past columns, with links to relevant resources.

Summary of links to resources from all past columns


Spring 2011: Jewish Studies "Born Digital"

Born-Digital E-books, Online Journals, Geographic Tools, Born-Digital Literature and the Arts, Web2, Born-Digital Information Management

Fall 2010: Online Resources for Talmud Research, Study, and Teaching

Full Texts, Manuscripts, Websites and Tools, Dictionaries, Blogs, Daf Yomi, New Directions

Fall 2009: Online Resources for Jewish Economics

North America: Data Archives/Statistical Information, Resources on Nonprofits; Israel Statistical, Economic, and Demographic Data; Jewish Law and Secular Life

Spring 2009: Scholarly Communication in the Twenty-first Century: A Changing Landscape

Open Access and Institutional Repositories; Blogs; Open Access Textbooks; E-Books

Fall 2008: New Tools for Jewish Linguistics

Annotated Corpora; Unannotated Corpora; Dictionaries; Audio and Sound Collections; Tools for the Twenty-first Century

Spring 2008: Researching Orthodox Judaism Online

Orthodox Judaism and the Media; Organizational Websites; Communication within Orthodox and Haredi Communities

Fall 2007: Web-Based Learning and Teaching Resources for Jewish Studies

Review of sites that offer Jewish Studies teaching resources

Spring 2007: Internet Resources for Jewish Biography and Autobiography

Directories, Biographical Dictionaries, and Encyclopedias; Websites and Portals; Primary Sources: Digital Collections of Primary Sources, Finding Aids, Databases and Websites, Online Diaries and Weblogs

Fall 2006: Jewish Political Studies on the Internet

Gateways; Listservs and Discussion Lists; Think Tanks and Research Organizations; Multimedia (Sound and Visuals); Full-text Databases, Journals, and Books; Statistical Data; What's New?

Spring 2006: Sharing Knowledge: Recent Trends in Search and Delivery Tools for Scholarly Content

Open Content Repositories; Search Engines; Weblogs and News Services; RSS Technology

Spring 2005: Treasure Hunting for New Judaic Resources on the World Wide Web

Digital Resources on Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews; Federated Searching; Subject Portals; Open Archives Initiative (OAI)

Fall 2004: Electronic Books in the Academic World and the Implications for Jewish Studies

Review of sites that offer digitized materials and "e-books"

Spring 2004: Hebrew in Bits and Bytes: An Introduction to Coding and Formatting of Hebrew Electronic Resources

ASCII versus Unicode; Hebrew and MS Windows; Hebraica Resources; Definitions; Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2003: Historic Jewish Periodicals/Newspapers and the Web

Review of digitized and scanned publications available online