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AJS Honors Its Authors

The AJS invites you to celebrate your 2022 book. You do not have to attend the conference to have your book recognized, but you do need to be a current AJS member. Books will be listed in a dedicated catalog online. Your book will appear in alphabetical order by author.

Please click here to complete the online registration form to register your 2022 book.

As part of the online registration form, you will be asked to attach your book's cover art (JPG or PNG file format) and a 30-second video about your book (MP4 file format). You will not be able to update this form once it has been submitted, so please have these files ready in advance of submission. Please note: These items are not required, but we do encourage you to include them. The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form.

New in 2022! As in past years, there will be an AJS Honors Its Authors display in the 2022 Annual Conference Exhibit Hall. This year, we are asking that you bring your book directly to the conference (or have a colleague bring it for you); books should not need to be shipped to the AJS in advance. Book collection will be Sunday morning of the conference.

New in 2022! In addition to an exhibit at the 2022 Annual Conference, we will be celebrating authors on an ongoing basis throughout 2022. Authors will be featured on the AJS website and in AJS emails throughout the year.