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Paula Hyman Mentorship Program

The Paula Hyman Mentoring Program was established in 2014 in memory of Professor Paula Hyman (1946–2011), a pioneering scholar of Jewish history and a dedicated mentor to women in Jewish Studies. This program pairs emerging scholars with mentors, while also building a strong network among the full cohort of pairs through meetings, activities, and workshops. After a brief program hiatus, it is now in its fifth year of pairing emerging scholars and mentors, and this is the first year it is taking place virtually (in at least four different time zones!).

The AJS is pleased to announce the emerging scholars and mentors for the 2020–2021 year:

Emerging ScholarsMentors
Ayelet BrinnSarah Imhoff
Magdalena KozlowskaKarolina Krasuska
Lauren LockshinRobin Judd
Alexandra NatoliMarion Kaplan
Cara Rock-SingerAyala Fader
Ashley WaltersLila Corwin Berman
Daniela WeinerLisa Moses Leff
Laura YaresLaura Arnold Leibman