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Please note: AJS membership fees are not refundable.

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Membership Dues

The membership term is January 1 through December 31.

Income2024 Membership Rates* (January – December 2024)
Above $175,000


$150,001 to $175,000$220
$110,001 to $150,000
$90,001 to $110,000$187
$70,001 to $90,000$160
$50,001 to $70,000$138
$30,001 to $50,000$105
$20,001 to $30,000 (or EAJS Professional)
Less than $20,000 (or EAJS Student)$35

* Please note: An online subscription of the AJS Review is included with membership dues. A print subscription can be added for $30.

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Membership fees are not refundable.

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