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AJS News

The E-Newsletter of the Association for Jewish Studies

Published Ten Times a Year
Amy WeissManaging Editor

AJS News is the e-newsletter of the Association for Jewish Studies. It is emailed to the AJS membership, which includes more than 2200 professors and graduate students of Jewish Studies, as well as non-members who are interested in keeping up with news in Jewish Studies.

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Submission Guidelines

AJS News welcomes announcements about members' special accomplishments, such as book awards, national fellowships and scholarships, teaching awards, election to national/international academic societies, and new appointments and promotions. Unfortunately, we do not have space to post announcements about publications or conference presentations.

AJS News Archive

December 2020: The Conference Issue

News from the AJS Film Committee

September 2020: Career Diversity in Jewish Studies

Read the Issue

March 2020: The Contingent Faculty Issue

"Contingent Faculty Task Force Update and Recommendations," Kate Rosenblatt

"Toward the Non-Tenure Track," Polly Zavadivker

"Contingent Solutions = Permanent Problems," Neil M. Frau-Cortes

September 2019: The Mentorship Issue

Mentorship: Essays by AJS Members

Daniela Weiner discusses several qualities that good mentors possess.
Read the essay.

Laura Limonic, a past participant in theAJSPaula Hyman Mentorship Program, shares how her experience in this program impacted her career and encouraged her to start a mentorship program at her own university.
Read the essay.

June 2019: The Pedagogy Issue

Pedagogy: AJS in the Classroom

AJS members Krista N. Dalton, Yedida Eisenstat, and Barry Trachtenberg offer reflections on teaching and enhancing the student experience.

Krista N. Dalton

Yedida Eisenstat

Barry Trachtenberg

December 2018: The Conference Issue

"News from the AJS Film Committee"

"Women's Caucus News"

"LAJSA News"

September 2018: Looking Ahead

"What's Next for the AJS?" Christine Hayes

"Update on the AJS Sexual Misconduct Task Force," Laura Levitt

May 2018: Productivity and Work-Life Balance

Productivity and Work-Life Balance

»  "Death-Life Balance," Sam Brody
»  "Technology on Your Side," Amy Weiss

May 2017: New Directions

New Directions for the Association for Jewish Studies

»  "From the Executive Director," Warren Hoffman
»  "From the President," Pamela S. Nadell

June 2017: How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer R & R: Revise and Resubmit and/or Rest and Relaxation

»  "Academic Summer's Double-Edged Sword," Kirsten Fermaglich
»  "College Forever?," Shari Rabin
»  "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," Jeffrey Veidlinger

March 2017: Jewish Studies Chairs

Advice for Jewish Studies Department and Program Chairs: Three Perspectives

»  "Dealing with Your Dean," Judith R. Baskin
»  "Graduate School Did Not Teach Me How to Run a Department," Pamela S. Nadell
»  "Building A Vibrant Program at an Under-Funded State University," Ranen Omer-Sherman

January 2017: Jewish Studies in Europe

Jewish Studies' Relationship to the Humanities: Three Perspectives from Europe

»  "Survival Strategies: What the Field of Jewish Studies Can Teach the Humanities," Robin Nobel
»  "E Pluribus Unum? The Real-Life Challenges of Multidisciplinarity in European Jewish Studies Today," François Guesnet
»  "Jewish Studies in Germany," Markus Krah

December 2016: The Conference Issue

The Best in Jewish Films and How to Teach Them," Olga Gershenson

October 2016: Contingent Faculty Issue

Integrating Contingent Faculty into Jewish Studies Departments

» "Non-Tenure-Track Faculty: A Brief History in Data," Shelly Tenenbaum
» "On Contingent Faculty: The Institutional Perspective," Jeffrey Shoulson
» "Supporting Contingent Faculty: Concrete Suggestions," Shira Kohn

September 2016: Innovations in Pedagogy

Innovations in Jewish Studies Pedagogy

»  "Pedagogy and Disruption," Lori Hope Lefkovitz
»  "Teaching with Footprints: Integrating Digital Humanities Projects into Our Courses," Marjorie Lehman
»  "Using Social and Digital Media in the Classroom," Amy Weiss
»  "MOOCs and Jewish Studies: A Match Made in Digital Heaven," Barry Scott Wimpfheimer

July 2016: Summer Research Issue

Archivists' Suggestions for Productive Summer Research

»  "Tips for Archival Summer Research," Tanya Elder
»  "YIVO Photo and Film Archive Collections and Services," Vital Zajka
»  "Archival Research at the American Jewish Archives," Kevin Proffitt

"Our Vision for AJS Review," Carol Bakhos and Adam Shear

May 2016: The Retirement Issue

Deaccessioning Books in Retirement: What to Do with Your Office Library?

»  "The Challenges of Shrinking My Library," Todd Endelman
»  "Of Deaccessioning Books There Is No End," Anne Lapidus Lerner

March 2016: The Library Issue

Jewish Studies Scholarship and Library Resources: Two Librarians Offer Advice

»  "On the Myriad Capacities of a University Librarian," Michelle Chesner
»  "Information Literacy and Jewish Studies," Zachary M. Baker

"Genre-Bending Writing Assignments," Shayna Sheinfeld

December 2015: Getting Published

Publishing in the Field of Jewish Studies: Three Editors Weigh In

»  "How Not to Get Published," Dee Mortensen, Editorial Director, Indiana University Press
»  "What Potential Authors Should Know about Publishing," Jennifer Hammer, Senior Editor, New York University Press
»  "Publishing Advice," Heather Gold, Assistant Editor, Yale University Press

December 2015: The Conference Issue

Navigating the AJS Conference: Four Members Give Advice

»  "Advice to Myself," Lila Corwin Berman
»  "Getting the Most out of the AJS Conference," Joshua Furman
»  "You'll Fit Right In," Josh Lambert
»  "Making the Most of AJS," Geoff Levin

"The Film Program at AJS Evolves," Olga Gershenson

October 2015: Careers Beyond Academia

Careers beyond Academia: Two Perspectives

»  "Five Lessons for Jewish Studies PhDs Who Are Contemplating Working Outside of Academia (and Specifically in Philanthropy)," Felicia Herman
»  "Career Paths Beyond the Academy," Christopher Barthel

Report on Survey of Jewish Studies Profession

"Do Academic Talks Have to be Boring?" Ilana Abramovitch

August 2015: The Summer Issue

"Making the Most of Summer," Laura Leibman

Pedagogy Highlight:

»  "Teaching the History of Zionism and Israel," Daniel P. Kotzin

2015 Appointments in Jewish Studies

February 2015: Trends in the Field

"Whither Jewish Studies?The 2014 AJS Survey of the Field," Jonathan Sarna

November 2014: The Pedagogy Issue

The Introduction to Judaism Course: Three Perspectives

»  "Introduction to How I Understand Judaism," Sarah Bunin Benor
»  "Teaching Introduction to Judaism," Xandy Frisch
»  "Ask Big Questions," Noam Pianko

September 2014: New Digital Horizons

"Digital Judaica," Dr. Jeff Veidlinger

2014 Appointments in Jewish Studies

AJS News is published ten times annually by the Association for Jewish Studies

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