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New Initiative to Support AJS Members

February 29, 2024

The AJS board is pleased to announce that it is prioritizing actions that advance the AJS’s mission of promoting research and teaching in Jewish Studies. To that end, the board has approved a new mechanism to support members who feel as if a directed letter or response from AJS will help safeguard their scholarly pursuits s (example letters may be found on the AJS website). AJS members may request such a response by using a form that will then be reviewed by the Executive Committee and subject to board approval.

The board hopes that by prioritizing these action-oriented responses, as opposed to statements without a clear addressee, the AJS will adhere to its central commitment to support its members' scholarly activities. With this new initiative, the board intends to focus the bulk of its attention on direct ways the AJS serves its mission and its members.

If you have questions about the new policy please send them to

Access the Letter Request Form