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AJS Institutional Membership

What is Institutional Membership?

This membership category is intended for college and university programs and departments, research institutions, and cultural organizations that have a particular focus on Jewish Studies.

The 2024 membership year runs from January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.

Institutional membership is $1,200 annually for full membership, $700 annually for associate membership, and $100 annually for affiliate membership.

The AJS welcomes institutional memberships from individual programs or from groups of programs within the same institution.

Why Institutional Membership?

Through the Institutional Membership Program, AJS turns for support to the organizations, departments, and programs that benefit from the variety of professional services the AJS offers.

Full Institutional Membership is open to all programs, departments, research institutions, and cultural organizations.

Associate Institutional Membership is open to programs and departments that offer no higher than the B.A. or M.A. degree, and small research institutes and cultural organizations.

Affiliate Institutional Membership is available to professional membership associations and other learned societies

Several programs/centers within the same institution may participate in one institutional membership.*


AJS 2024 Full and Associate Institutional Member Benefits include:

» Full Institutional Members are eligible to purchase bulk memberships for graduate students in affiliated departments. Instead of $35/student, Institutional Members will pay $25/student. (Please note, more than one membership has to be purchased to receive discount)

» Listing of Institutional Members in the AJS's biannual magazine AJS Perspectives and on the AJS website

» Office copies of AJS Review and AJS Perspectives*

» 15% discount off advertising placed in AJS Career Center, AJS Perspectives, AJS email newsletters, and the AJS Honors Its Authors book catalog*

» Complimentary directory (in Excel format) of more than 160 Jewish Studies programs and departments, including names of chairs/directors, program mailing addresses, and web-links

* Institutional memberships shared by several programs within the same institution will designate one program to receive the subscription to AJS Review and AJS Perspectives, and the 15% advertising discount.

AJS 2024 Affiliate Membership Benefits include:

» Receive AJS email newsletter

» 25% discount off of the non-member rate for up to two staff members to attend annual AJS conference

» 10% discount off advertising in AJS Perspectives and AJS email newsletters

» Complimentary insert in conference tote, single-page, up to 8-1/2 x 11, folded or flat

» Listing in the AJS's biannual magazine AJS Perspectives and on the AJS website as an affiliate member


Do not hesitate to contact our Membership and Database Manager, Melinda Man, if you have any questions regarding these materials. Melinda can be reached by phone (917.606.8249) or e-mail ( at the AJS office.

We hope your institution will be able to play a vital and visible role in promoting Jewish Studies by joining the ranks of AJS Institutional Members.