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Listserv FAQ

The AJS is excited to coordinate these new subject/division-based listservs to help bring AJS members and other scholars interested in these topics together to share ideas, collaborate, and discuss research.

How do people join?

Interested individuals, including non-AJS members, will have to click a link to ask the group’s moderators to approve them. The listservs are set up as Google Groups. There may be a prompt to log in to a Google account or Google-associated account when requesting to join.

Will the list be moderated?

Yes, this list will be moderated by either the division chairs or other volunteers that the division chairs select. That said, group members may post to the list without needing their posts to be approved. New members, though, will have to have their initial posts approved by moderators.

Will posts or the list be visible to people outside of the group?


Can members view who is on the list and/or access an email list of other members?

Members will be able to see who is part of the group, but will not be able to access a list of member emails.

What are the email addresses for each group?

Groups will have the following email address formula:

AJS-[division name]

What topics are permitted for discussion in the group?

Anything related to the group’s subject matter, relevant job listings (including those outside academia), calls for conference papers, posts seeking conference/research collaborators, and info about new books relevant to the subject/division area. 

Unrelated advertising, ad hominem posts, abusive language, and overtly political posts are not permitted and members may be removed from the group for abusing this policy. The group’s moderators have the ability to make judgment calls about other posts and may remove a member if necessary.