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Adventures in Jewish Studies

The Association for Jewish Studies Podcast

The Adventures in Jewish Studies podcast was created to fulfill the AJS mission of fostering greater understanding of Jewish Studies scholarship among the wider public. Podcast episodes are designed take listeners on exciting journeys while exploring a wide range of topics, from the contemporary to the ancient, in ways that are informative, engaging, and fun.

Launched in 2018, the Adventures in Jewish Studies series produces five episodes annually. Each episode features the voices of AJS members as they share their expertise and research with listeners.

Funding for the series is provided by an anonymous foundation.


Episode 5: Are Jews White?
Episode 4: Portnoy's Complaint at 50
Episode 3: The Yemenite Children Affair & the Story of the Mizrahi Jews in the Development of the State of Israel
Episode 2: The Origins of the Jews
Episode 1: Appetizing: An American New York Jewish Food Tradition

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Jeremy Shere, PhD

Jeremy Shere, PhD, is a podcast producer based in Bloomington, Indiana. Jeremy earned his doctorate in English Literature and Jewish Studies from Indiana University. He is currently the producer of the Frankely Judaic podcast for the Jewish Studies program at the University of Michigan.

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Executive Producer: Warren Hoffman, PhD

Producer: Jeremy Shere, PhD

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