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Above: Detail from Siona Benjamin. Finding Home #75 (Fereshteh) “Lilith,” 2005. 30 x 26 in. Gouache on wood panel. © 2005 Siona Benjamin. Courtesy of the artist.


Andi Arnovitz

Coat of the Agunot

Andi Arnovitz Coat of the Agunot

Andi Arnovitz. Coat of the Agunot, 2010. Digital scans of antique ketubot, threads. 60.2 x 59.4 in. Photo by Avshlom Avital. Permission for use of the ketubot courtesy of the National Library of Israel. © 2010 Andi Arnovitz. Courtesy of the artist.


ANDI ARNOVITZ lives and works in Jerusalem. A conceptual artist, she uses etching, digital information, printmaking processes, fabric, and thread to create print series, artist books, and large-scale installations. These pieces explore various tensions that exist within religion, gender, and politics. Andi has exhibited in Europe, Asia, and North America. Her art is in both private and public collections, universities, museums, and institutions.