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Accessibility Accommodations

Current Accommodations (2022)

Special Spaces

Quiet Room

The AJS is pleased to offer a designated quiet room, within which the lights will be dimmed; we request no talking or phone use in this space.

Lactation Room

The AJS is offering a private lactation room available to any nursing parents.

Gender-neutral Restroom

There will be a gender-neutral restroom located near the Exhibit Hall.


The Sheraton Boston has ADA-compliant hotel rooms available in the AJS room block. There are also rooms close to an elevator available. Please contact the hotel directly in order to reserve one of these rooms..

In all conference program rooms, aisles will accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility assistance devices.

There will not be any steps to the dais or stage in any room with session content.


All conference rooms with session content will have at least one microphone. Chairs and moderators can be asked to repeat audience questions in the microphone to ensure clear communication.

The AJS is looking into options for closed captioning. Please send any suggestions for apps that attendees can use for live closed captioning to Mary Arnstein at



The AJS offers kosher food and beverages at all receptions and programs.

Meals are not included with conference registration. There are options to purchase kosher meals either via your registration form or separately in MyAJS.

The AJS is also offering kosher-style, vegetarian lunches for Sunday–Tuesday at the conference. These can also be purchased via the conference registration form or separately in MyAJS.

Religious Services Rooms (Jewish)

Conference participants who wish to organize religious services may do so in two rooms dedicated to daily services (traditional and egalitarian). Boston-area synagogues are listed here.

Hanukkah Candle Lighting

The AJS recognizes the sacrifice many are making to participate in the conference during the holiday of Hanukkah. We apologize that the conference hotel will not allow AJS attendees to light candles in a separate room, as has been done in the past. The Central Reform Temple and Rabbi Michael Shire is kindly welcoming AJS attendees to light Hanukkah candles from 6:30-7:30 pm the first night of Hanukkah, on Sunday, December 18 from 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Learn more & RSVP now.

Request Accommodations

To request accommodations, please indicate your request on the conference registration form (deadline August 31). Requests may also be sent by email to Mary Arnstein, Conference Content Manager at All requests, made either through the conference registration form or by email, are kept confidential. Typical requests include a pre-conference orientation tour, description of visuals, or wheelchair access to all areas.